#ZKSwap BSC My opinions.

As a brilliant layer 2 solution on ethereum, zkswap has good visual design and silky experience for users. Although the price of the token zks is sluggish, it does not prevent me from loving this product. For the project team’s deployment plan for the BSC network, I have the following opinions:

  1. Deploying the Layer 2 network on BSC is indeed an excellent idea. It will further expand the user group of zks, at the same time, will help build a broader L2 ecosystem and promote the overall development of this project;
  2. In my opinion, the issuance of Bzks is unnecessary, because we hope that zks itself can give more functions.
  3. Most assets with high consensus should be deployed on the bSC chain, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and we hope that the gas fee can be paid in the form of zks;
  4. I sincerely wish this opportunity could let more Binance users know and experience zkswap. My address: 0x44856A85B363984eD357571604F7B3B8A53475f7
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