Bsc and bZKS are very good #ZKSwap BSC#

I am very happy to take part in a new campaign aimed at jointly improving ZKSwap. Below I have written what I really think, honestly and simply. I hope this information will be useful.

Should the Bsc version of ZKSwap issue an independent governance token, dubbed bZKS?

Thanks to the creation of bZKS, community members may have more opportunities to manage the project, more ways to implement their ideas and participate in the development of the project. I believe that this should definitely be done. bZKS is very important and necessary for the development of ZKSwap and the expansion of the entire community as a whole, as well as opportunities and participation in the project.

What coins should be listed on the Bsc version of ZKSwap?

I think the most important thing is that ZKSwap Bsc should fill in all the missing places of ZKSwap Eth, make available everything that is not available in the Eth version.

You need to add all the most popular tokens that users need, all those tokens for which there is a great demand. They can be taken from any cryptocurrency aggregator, for example, from Coingecko or Coinmarketcup. But I still offer my own options - bnb, bake, cake, kava, xvs, cream, sfp, allice.

What fee tokens should be added to the Bsc version of ZKSwap?

Bnb, zks, cake, bake – why not take these tokens for commissions, I think a very good choice.

Although I have an idea - if you use the same asset that you pay for gas, then you do not need to buy some other asset, which is actually very simple.

What are your expectations for the first Layer2 product on the BSC?

I am happy with almost any step of ZKSwap, the main thing is that we go and do not stop! But in this case, many people understand that the commissions in the BSC network are much lower than in the ETH network. And the use of Layer 2 in the ETH network was justified, it was attractive. But in the BSC network, such a step may not bring much benefit to the project (although BSC is a very popular network), this is a different territory, with different standards. Although this step is certainly positive, but there are drawbacks to it.