my suggestion and expectations #ZKSwap #BSC

As a bsc lovers this is a huge news for me. Undoubtedly! Currently bsc is more widely used network. It is fast and cheap than Ethereum network. I this this is one step ahead of Binance listing. Hope soon we will see ZKSwap on Binance.
Here are some of my Expectations and suggestions.
For Bsc i think it is really necessary of issue bsc version of BZks token. This will help the Zkswap for more adoption.
And needed to add some high volumed bsc based toked. Because at the end of the day volume is everything. In that case i think Bnb, Cake, Apeswap(Banana), Babyswap, Bake, Bifi, Sfp, Axs, Tko, Spl, Juld is the ideal choise for start later add more coin continuously.
Fee is always a major concern for any traders. So please add fee as low as possible. This will attract more small traders. The more traders zkswap get the more profit will generate.
For product Zkswap need to add more and more product as they can. In that case i think some popular features like Syrup pool, Lottery, Price Prediction, Ido (initial dex offering) is the best choice. Farming also good because there are million of farmers available in bsc network.
#zkswap #Bsc

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