#ZKSwap BSC# Need direct transfers

Hello everyone, below are some answers to some questions. Unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to do everything I want due to lack of time, but I hope that even what I have time to do can benefit the project

The name corresponds to the style of BNB Smart Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain), BZKS is a very good name, I would not have come up with a better one, so the current one should be used without a doubt

At the same time, the addition of another token designed to manage ZKSwap in BSC can become an additional incentive for new users to participate in the project and an interesting feature that will attract new community members

Perhaps this is my choice to answer the question-BANANA, FUSE, SPL,BNB, CAKE, ALICE, SLP, BUSD, USDT, MBOX, SFP, TKO, ATOM, DOT, JULD, BABYSWAP, BAKE, AXS, TKO, MBOX, ALPHA, COIN98, BURGER, XVS. The more tokens there are, the better. If I see at least some of these, I will already be very happy

But if you decide to make an unlimited listing as in the first network, then I am unlikely to be sad, since this will give more advantages to ZKSwap, and it will be more pleasant for users to use it

I am sure that the best of all possible options would be to allow users to pay commissions in currencies that are involved in transactions. This is much more convenient than paying a commission in any other currencies that you may not even have in your wallet at the time of the transaction. And so it will be convenient and simple, in what you transfer, in what you pay, which you swap, those, respectively, you will pay with a commission

-I hope that ZKSwap will be able to get better and better with each update.

-I really like such campaigns, lotteries, they can also be held in BSC

-And the last thing I’m really looking forward to is the possibility of transferring tokens to new versions, including ZKSwap versions in new networks such as BSC, without directly withdrawing tokens to L1 for this, so that you don’t have to pay brutal ETH commissions

This is all I wanted to share with you today, I will be happy to take part in all subsequent campaigns and will continue to share my thoughts about the current state of ZKSwap and thoughts about the possible future of the project