1. Should the BSC version of ZKSwap issue an independent governance token, dubbed bZKS?

The introduction of a new BZKS token can refresh the ZKSwap platform and make the necessary changes in life. It will also most likely help us to gain an even larger audience faster in a short time, and then enable this audience to help with the management of ZKSwap in the new BSC network.

And I think it would be better to edit the name a little and make it more similar to gZKS, that is, writing as bZKS looks more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. What coins should be listed on the BSC version of ZKSwap?

I don’t really like this question, because I want to immediately add the tokens I need to the ZKSwap platform. Why is it impossible to implement an unlimited listing in the new version, in my opinion this is a very good idea, it seems to remain from the Ethereum version, I do not see the need to deprive users of such an opportunity.
And perhaps it will be very disappointing if you have to choose specific tokens for a new network, for example, I am interested in tokens of unpopular but very promising projects. And this means that with this approach, I will not find what I need for myself in ZKSwap BSC, although I love it very much and use it with great pleasure in the Ethereum network.

  1. What fee tokens should be added to the BSC version of ZKSwap?

Stablecoins of the type $BUSD, $USDT, $DAI are most likely well suited for commission fees for transactions made. But as far as I know, currently all projects in the BNB Smart Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain) network use BNB as a commission, which can also be taken into account.

And as for the cost, I hope that using BNB Smart Chain will make the cost cheaper than the same ones on the Ethereum network. This is a very nice bonus for using ZKSwap on another network.

  1. What are your expectations for the first Layer2 product on the BSC?

I expect to see all types of mining that are available on the Ethereum network. I want the bid to be as high as possible, so that it would be pleasant for me to take part in stacking, and so that an increasing number of people are attracted to this. I expect more similar events aimed at improving the understanding between developers and the ZKSwap community.