#ZKSwap #BSC My review and some ideas

1. Should the BSC version of Zkswap issue an independent governance token, dubbed BZKS?

If a new and independent BZKS is released for management, it will certainly create a new breakthrough in the life of Zkswap. This should definitely appeal to the community members. This will attract more and more users to use, and in general, it will greatly contribute to the formation of Zkswap as an important cryptocurrency decentralized exchange.

But I also want to note that the team needs to focus on creating interesting features now, and this is much more important for Zkswap than thinking about a new management token.

2. What coins should be listed on the BSC version of Zkswap?

Just one suggestion: Open an unlimited listing in BSC!

This is definitely the best option, everyone will add the tokens they need themselves, and you will not have to ask and collect all the names throughout the forum and count. I also don’t see any reason why it is impossible to add an unlimited listing not only on the ETH network but also on other networks, including BSC.

3. What fee tokens should be added to the BSC version of Zkswap?

I think burger $bnb; $gtc; $busd; $tko; $axs; $xdai; $mbox; $zil, $bifi, $tlm, $dodo, $juld, $1inch, $xrp will do.

But $zks should definitely be by default as the main commission token.

4. What are your expectations for the first Layer2 product on the BSC?

I think it is necessary to start with the fact that I am very much looking forward to the beginning and development of mining in the BSC network, and I also believe that it is much more important in this network at the moment.

BSC is faster than ETH and has significantly lower gas bills, so I have exactly such expectations from Zkswap on BSC. In addition, the transition from Zkswap to other blockchains will be a very interesting improvement of the existing platform.

Activity in BSC - both use and side events like the current campaign and twitter campaigns will definitely add value to the project and bring a lot of users. In my opinion, these events should be held more often, since they allow you to increase the energy coming from the introduction of new functions and features and allow the project to benefit from this more.