ZKSwap V1 Mainnet Plans to Cease Operation, Users Need to Migrate to V2 Now!

Dear ZKSwapers,

ZKSwap V2 mainnet has been operating well since its launch. Users’ feedback and experience have greatly improved the network operation. The ZKSwap development team has decided to discontinue the ZKSwap V1 mainnet over 1 month period. Users will need to migrate their assets from ZKSwap V1 to V2 before discontinuing operations.

The shutdown of the V1 version is due to technical iteration. The user experience and functions of V2 are far more powerful than V1. During the downtime and asset migration, ZKSwap will guarantee the absolute safety of the users’ funds, and the shutdown of V1 will not cause any loss of digital assets.

Cease Operation Timeline

August 26 - September 3, 2021: During this period, the ZKSwap operation team will announce the follow-up plan of V1, and the functions of deposit and withdrawal, token swaps, adding new accounts, adding liquidity will be stopped by that time. September 18, 2021: ZKSwap operation team will discontinue all V1 services except for the browser. September 25, 2021: ZKSwap operation team will completely stop the V1 operation, if users do not complete the asset migration in time, please contact the moderator through the official telegram channels.

Asset migration tutorial is available on the WiKi website ZKSwap V2 Tutorials - ZKSwap Wiki (English)

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Have questions? You can contact us directly through the ZKSwap Official English Community , and the moderator will reply as soon as the message is read.

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