Second Episode of ZKSwap FAQs (July) — What Is V2 About?

ZKSwap Community FAQ 02

As ZKSwap V2 came online on July 28, we brought the community unlimited token listing, faster withdrawal speed, personalized fee settings, and a more intuitive user experience. Following the first episode of community FAQs, this article presents answers to some new frequently asked questions to provide ZKSwap users with a better understanding of the new features of the 2.0 version.


Q1: After V2 is online, will V1 still exist or go offline? Are we still going to be able to see our V1 transactions from February to now on the explorer?

A: Yes. V1 and V2 will coexist. You’ll be able to view all transaction records.

Q2: When will NFTs be launched?

A: We are currently working on the second batch of NFTs, with 95% completed. The NFT feature is still being developed.

Q3: When will the V2 API documentation go public?

A: API documentation for V2 is expected to go live later this week.

Q4: How about ZKS’ new listing plan?

A: It depends on the market climate. Any updates will be announced in our community. Please stay tuned!

Q5: Do we need to withdraw tokens from V1 to V2?

A: It is recommended to move to V2 because of the better functionality, and the existing functionality of V1 will not be affected for a long time.

Q6: How to migrate assets from v1 to v2?

A : To migrate assets from V1 to V2, you must transfer your assets to L1 first and make a new deposit to V2.

Read the tutorial —

Q7: When will there be the deployment of Cross-chain?

A: L2 deployment on BSC, HECO, and OKEX Chain will follow shortly after the V2 mainnet launch.

Q8: I tried to withdraw assets from L2 to L1 three times but failed. Why?

A: Please clear your explorer cache and increase your gas limit.

Q9: What mining activities can I participate in now?

A: Proof of Gas and Proof of Staking mining are ongoing activities for all users.

PoG is a long-term campaign with a daily release of 20,000 to 30,000 ZKS. As the token price gradually stabilizes, the ETH stored across the network remains in the thousands, and the yield is maintained at 30–50%, which retains at a higher level of return in x0008 ETH finance.

The PoG campaign is essentially an opportunity for the community to buy ZKS at a 20% discount, with annualized returns stabilized up to 50%.

The PoS campaign allows the user to stake ZKS for a reward. Now, ZKSwap is open to community users in 4 different time periods of staking: 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days.

Users who participate in 360-day staking will also get gZKS which is the governance token on ZKSwap. With gZKS, you will be able to propose and vote, greatly involved in the community and future of ZKSwap.

Q10: Is Proof-of-Liquidity mining closed?

A: PoL mining is currently paused. We’ll make an announcement once it is resumed.

General Inquiries

Q11: Will ZKSwap build its own DeFi/NFT applications or bring third-party projects to its ecosystem?

A: We are open to both as both will be beneficial to ZKSwap.

Q12: Are signature algorithms of transfer, withdrawal, swap and adding/removing liquidity the same?

A: Yes. They are all the same.

Q13: How to solve the grey ‘continue’ issue?

A: You need to copy into notepad first and make sure the json is formatted correctly. The json copied from PDF sometimes contains ‘ Enter key’ in some lines. Please delete those words to be able to continue.

Q14: When will ZKS be included on the CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko DEFI list?

A: ZKS is already listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and will be included on their DEFI lists later. We’ve submitted the required materials for their review.

Q15: Where can I see ZKSwap’s audit reports?

A: Read security audit reports: GitHub - l2labs/zkswap-security-audit-certification

Q16: Can I change ZKS from ERC-20 to BEP-20 in my trust wallet?

A: There are no ongoing LP programs but LP still receives LP fees from transactions.

Q17: How to check out my PoS staking rewards on L1?

A: Your rewards are shown in your dashboard ZKSpace - Layer-2 FOR ALL.

Q18: Where can I find my LP airdrop of ZKS received in February/March?

A: You can paste your address on to see your L2 wallet balance. Usually, it was 50 ZKS. If you want to withdraw them, please go to and connect your wallet to use your L2 Wallet.

Q19: When will the Testnet campaign winners get rewarded?

A: Winners should submit the necessary information before July 26. Rewards will be sent to the winners’ Layer 2 account on ZKSwap V2 before 16:00, August 6 (UTC).

Check out the Winner List:

Q20: Where can I find my forum ID?

A: In the Right Top Corner » Preferences, you can find your username, and you can use it as your Forum ID.

Q21: Who should I contact for business proposals?

A: General inquiries:

Tech issues:

Business proposals:

If for some reason you wait a long time for an answer, you can also write to @ZKSwap_Official on Telegram.

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