ZKSwap now successfully listed on De-Fi Pulse

March 13

Daily Operational Newsletter from ZKSwap Team

Today’s ZKSwap status: As of 0:00 GMT on March 11, 2021

  • TVL $837 million
  • Liquidity $729 Million
  • Transaction 24,649 (24 hrs transactions)

We have now successfully listed on De-Fi Pulse and the next step will be going on to the leaderboard. Our team is working on DEX listings on other portals including CMC and CoinGecko.

Another good news is that we are now available on HiBTC, meaning you can now trade ZKS against BTC and USDT through its platform by visiting https://hitbtc.com/zks-to-btc.

We’d also like to remind our community that Ethereum made an announcement a few days ago about its Berlin upgrade which asked all nodes to be updated to a Berlin-compatible version. We have prepared for it and will upgrade accordingly in the coming days. You can find more detailed information about the Berlin upgrade on Ethereum Blog.

Q&A of the Day

I don’t quite understand Layer2, what’s the difference between Layer1 and Layer2 wallet?

Layer 2 is a collective term for solutions designed to help scale your application by handling transactions off the main Ethereum chain (layer 1). ZkSwap is one of such solutions using the ZK-rollups.

An L1 wallet is your normal trust wallet or exchange wallet, and L2 is when you connect your Metamask or other wallets supported to the ZKS app(?). There is no gas fee when you swapping through ZKSwap.

How can I get started with purchasing ZKS?

We are now listed on Huobi, Gate, Uniswap, MXC, and zks.app. You can also check our tutorial if you want to know more on how to start here:https://zks.app/docs/tutorial-en.pdf

Are my assets safe in the Layer2 wallet?

User assets are very safe and they will have access to it even ZKSwap shuts down services.

When ZKSwap shuts down services, it will not change the fact that users always have ownership of their assets. When ZKSwap shuts down services, that only means there will be no transactions enabled on layer-2.

While users need prover servers to generate proof so they can withdraw from layer-2 to layer-1, any prover server node will be able to provide such a service.

Can anybody else be part of layer 2 or is this essentially a server running in the cloud by a company?

Anyone can use layer 2, please check our tutorial here if you wish to understand ZKSwap better.

Is there a way to track/display in Zerion or other apps of the ZKS/ETH LP that I stake in the liquidity pool?

Currently, you cannot. However, there will always be a possibility for more updates in the future.

I send my ZKS to Metamask, how can I check it?

Connect that Metamask (receiving address) to Zkswap, you will see the amount you sent on Zkswap L2. And please check Metamask on PC instead of mobile devices.

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