ZKSwap Will Allocate Portion of 1993 NFTs to Existing Token Holders — March 12 Operational Newsletter

Daily Operational Newsletter from ZKSwap Team on March 12

Today’s ZKSwap status: As of 0:00 GMT on March 11, 2021

  • TVL $836 million
  • Liquidity $728 Million
  • Transaction 25,413 (24 hrs transactions)

Today we made an exciting announcement. Soon our Layer2 AMM protocol will be deployed on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC, formerly known as Binance Smart Chain). This will enable BSC users to transfer and swap in real-time and gas-free. We are taking our steps towards building a Layer2 ecosystem with BSC in subsequent iterations to help BSC achieve unlimited scalability.

Together with this, we will issue 1993 exclusive NFTs for ZKSwap BSC version to commemorate the first mass media discussion of the Cypherpunk Movement in 1993. The movement indirectly led to the creation of Bitcoin.

A portion of these NFTs will be allocated to existing ZKS token holders. You can follow us on the listed channels below to get first-hand updates and the official announcements, and there will be more information in the coming days.

Q&A of the Day

What are the wallets supported by ZKSwap?

Currently, we support imToken, TokenPocket, Bitpie, and Metamask. More will be integrated in the near future.

Why can’t I see ZKSwap listed on some De-Fi portals?

All DeFi portals like CMC & Coingecko DEX, DeBank, DeFi-Pulse need ZKSwap APIs, which are still under development. Once we complete the APIs, all the above-mentioned portals and more will add ZKSwap as a Dex on their leaderboard.

I withdrew ETH to Metamask but haven’t received it. I have a transaction ID and the status says remitted? What should I do?

If it says remitted then you should have your ETH, please check your L1 wallet on etherscan.io.

Can you lower the operating limits?

The operating limits are fixed, this is set to prevent dust attacks.

Where can I find information on how to get started with mining events?

Please kindly check our Mining Tutorial on zks.app. link-(https://zks.app/docs/staking-en.pdf)

Is it possible to swap on AMM’s L2 ZKSwap through some API?

The API is under development and will be coming soon.

How will the NFTs be distributed?

We will soon update you in detail. Stay tuned.

ZKSwap is an AMM modeled layer2 dex based on Practical ZK-Rollups — the ZKSpeed Protocol.

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