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  1. Personal experience or insights of your involvement in NFT design, distribution, or trading

At first, I was involved in the design for a long time, I studied design in the Corel Draw and Photoshop applications and since the introduction of the new blockchain, namely NFT, I am also involved in wanting to create my own NFT but it is currently in the concept stage of the design theme, so for the future I will will learn more about design to create NFT with a unique theme. My experience is not that long but it’s serious.

  1. My vision on current and future NFT development

The current development of NFT has indeed become a popular instrument that markets a variety of unique products and with infinite value. In the future, NFT will become very popular. In the past year, NFT has become a popular instrument for marketing various types of products. Based on data from the page, in 2020 transactions in the NFT market increased 66% with a transaction value of US$250 million.

  1. My thoughts on issues currently exposed in the NFT industry

Because with the popularity of NFT, of course there will be problems that are exposed but it makes the future level of this NFT very long in the future, so I think NFT will continue to improve in all its developments and there are also many good NFT exchanges in the NFT industry such as Opensea, Rarible , and this will be the NFT Exchange for the future that is ZKBox .

  1. My expectations and suggestions for the NFT feature based on Layer2

I reviewed the NFT feature based on this layer 2 which was very serious in its development, of course, I hope that in the future ZKBox will be more serious in its development in terms of marketing, transactions. and a little advice from me to make it easier for transaction fees to market NFT products on Zkbox.

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