ZKSWap 360 Staking Is Now Live! March 24 Newsletter

March 24

Daily Operational Newsletter from ZKSwap Team

Today’s ZKSwap status: As of 18:00 GMT on March 24, 2021

  • TVL $233 million
  • Liquidity $59 million
  • Transaction 732 (24 hrs transactions)

In the blockchain investment market, the Staking Economy is now a popular topic. In ZKSwap, we provide not only a complete range of staking categories, but also flexibility in the time dimension, and the returns are incomparable.

Let’s take a simple example: The annualized rate of return of ADA, KSM, DOT, and other early-brand currencies for staking is mostly around 5%-20%; the returns of new currencies are higher, and most of them keep the rates above 15% with the highest DODO-35.65%. However, according to our official disclosure on ZKSwap, the average daily annualized rate of return on 14-day staking can reach 145%.

On the other hand, we provide up to 360 days of staking, this not only offers a 209% annualized rate of return but also enables you to get the governance token gZKS and rights in governing the community.

Find out more about how to stake ZKS here:https://zks.app/docs/staking-en.pdf

Note: The comparative rates in the analysis are based on real-time data (15/30/90-day staking) on Binance since it has a relatively high staking market share.

Q&A of the Day

How can I stake ZKS if my coins are in Huobi?

You can withdraw the coins to your wallet first then stake. Our tutorial might be able to help you with more details: https://zks.app/docs/staking-en.pdf

Why is there an error occurring when I deposit from L1 to L2?

This usually happens when there’s not enough ETH to cover the gas fee on your account. Please make sure you have enough ETH to pay for the gas for Layer 1.

Will there be another PoL mining soon?

Yep, we have future events in plan, please kindly wait for the official announcement about when and how.

Is there an explanation video of how to use ZKSwap?

Yes, there is. You can check it here:- YouTube