My outlook on the future of NFT - #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

Hello friends. Today I thought about the question of how to use nft tokens. As you know, they appeared in Cryptoworld quite recently, but have already gained great popularity. 2021 can be safely called the boom period of the nft. One artist sells his painting for $ 69 million, and the album of a popular singer makes over $ 11 million. The main advantage is that they are not interchangeable, which means that they are a unique part of the blockchain.

A painting by artist Beeple that sold for $ 69 million

Already, many artists can sell their tokenized paintings on major platforms such as opensea. It should be noted that the ability to create an nft token for the seller is available only when there is a buyer for it. This makes it possible to save on the payment of commissions.

I believe that fungible tokens have excellent prospects for implementation in real life. Examples of how they can be used:

  1. Not only for the sale of art objects, but also to confirm the copyright of the creator;
  2. Sale of rights to video audio broadcasts;
  3. Sale of tickets for football matches or other sporting events;
  4. Confirmation of the authenticity of diplomas, certificates and other documents.
    Use in the cryptoindustry, for example, is now a common practice when holders of nft tokens receive a priority right to participate in IDOs, as well as to receive priority opportunities in trading and other activities on the platform.

I believe that ZKSwap V3 will get rich features using NFT.
This will attract new users to the platforms, facilitate the expansion of trade turnover, and make the company more recognizable and attractive.

I strongly support the introduction of trade. I also believe that in the future, a full-fledged base will be created on the platform for the creation and popularization of nft.
I wish the project good luck to support it in the future.