ZKSwap Forum Guidelines

This forum provides a platform for ZKSwap community members to share ideas and information on the governance of the ZKSwap community. In order to maintain a healthy and good communication environment, please read our forum rules carefully before posting or participating in discussion activities. Any words or behavior that does not conform to our rules will be deleted or banned.

Forum Categories:

Community members are advised to classify their posts into corresponding categories to make them easier for others to read while assisting in forum management.

Our forum includes the following six sections:

General: This section is for discussions on ZKSwap Governance Framework and systems, how to distribute resources and community voices on governance responsibilities.

Updates: Any updates on the latest announcement of ZKSwap.

Problems & feedback: This section is for discussion on ZKSwap’s product, technical and other issues. Community members can give feedback on ZKSwap here.

ZKSwap improvement proposal: ZKSwap will adopt a clear and transparent method to improve the proposal process, allowing the community to propose based on future needs and circumstances.

Learning center & documents: You can find tutorials and documents in this section.

Developer: All technical questions regarding developing on the ZKSwap Protocol and general discussions about development.

Forum Rules:

Remarks on currency prices, racial discrimination, or personal attacks are not welcomed here. Negative information unrelated to the development of ZKSwap, rumors, scams, advertisements, pornographic ads, project fundraising, and political information are strictly banned on this forum.

Please do not post private information such as wallet private keys or mnemonic words on the forum.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in active discussions on various topics and freely express your thoughts~