ZK Art Class of 2021

Crypto art is the soul of the industry, pushing us forward and brigthening our days.

The unfortunate reality is that only few people can live from sales in the form of NFTs as well as the speed of growth in the market making it scary to leave other opportunities behind to focus on crypto art exclusively.

I propose to alleviate these struggles by launching the ZK Art Class of 2021, giving out 5 scholarships of 70k USDC per annum for ambitious artists to push this part of our community forward.

To be funded are new advances in interweaving crypto and art, personal development and community outreach.

The funding for a 1 year period shall provide the security artists need to plunge themselves into this exciting world.

ZKSwap has no expectancy for this project except for one piece of work to be presented by the artists as an addition to the ZK Gallery at the end of the scholarship. The ZK Gallery will be safeguarded by the ZK wallet and displayed in a to be determined digital universe.

The jury shall consist of Sushi core team members and angels of the NFT universe.

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