#V3 Testnet #Feedback By Michael

I just got the Crypto news, that Vitalik Buterin- the Ethereum creater said ZK-rollups would be the only Layer2 solution without necessity of trust a couple of days ago.
I began studying ZKS from whitepaper and test the mobile APP, I first loggin through Metamask, you could stake ZKS, add liquidity and mine here in Metamask wallet

But the problem is when I use mobile APP, I found I need to create a new wallet address, not the same with my Metamask address, it would cause confusing understanding.
The second problem is that you can’t mine, stake ZKS in mobile APP, I tested it did not work.
I found ZKS have both ETH and BSC address for both layer2 and layer1.
I did some transfer test between Metamask and ZKS APP, found below problems

The transfer from Layer1 to Layer2 inside Metamask take within 15 seconds it’s fast, trafer between Metamask and ZKS APP address on Layer2 is super fast, it almost take no time, which I like a lot.
However there are 2 major problems, the first one is the transfer from ZKS APP Layer2 to Metamask Layer1 is still slow, it took almost 10minutes for the money to arrive.
The second problem is I could not transfer between ETH and BSC across chain, nor do I have an option.
If ZKS could suppot Layer2 to Layer1 cross chain transfer that would be.super good.
My Ethereum Chain L2 address: