#V3 Testnet Feedback# my future outlook

After experiencing zkswap test network, I think it is the best NFT platform for user experience at present. There is no one. I don’t talk freely, but there are many obvious comparisons to draw this conclusion.
I used immutablex, another NFT platform of layer2. Their trading speed is also very fast, which is the common point of all layer2 platforms, but unfortunately they can’t create NFT freely, which is fatal. The creator is the resource and everything of the platform, and the creator has the right to define and develop new works. Everyone is a creator, which is very important for an NFT platform, and zkswap gives everyone the right to create NFT.
In fact, it is obvious on the platform that many people create new works and sell them in the mall every day. Although it is only a test network, it is enough to show the people’s attention and love for creation. Therefore, I think it is necessary to give everyone the right to create NFT, so that zkswap will become the leader of layer2’s NFT platform in the future.
In addition, the user experience of the platform is also key. We see that zkswap has been adding new functions. The functions of the whole platform are a little bloated. I don’t know whether it can be divided into different products to improve the whole layer2 ecology, so that users can choose to use different products.
In short, the efforts of zkswap team are obvious to all. I will always grow up with ZKS. Come on.
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