#V3 Testnet Feedback# the test feedback

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
Zkswap is an epoch-making product, and the production of Layer 2 is inevitable under a variety of unfriendly Layer 1 limitations
Zkswap doesn’t need much learning and can be used quickly, although it also has Layer 1-level security, significantly reduced transaction costs, significantly improved transaction speed, and a better trading experience.
I have three reasons for liking zkswap:
Privacy need not explain explained, people who understand
2.P2P business
Lends money to the one and the lender receives certain interest
3.Low cost, high throughput
Compared to Ethereum’s regular 30U gas fee, zkswap trading simply doesn’t require any gas fees.This greatly lowers the threshold for use.
I was very happy about the test opportunity given by the zkswap community team, which is very good, and can be connected with users to achieve better product development.The V3 page is very good, clear at a glance, which greatly reduces the learning cost and is very simple to use.At the same time, NFT function is also very easy to use, in the future, NFT is a very good thing, there are many markets, no matter who can throw their NFT products, which for beginners, there is a very low entry threshold, greatly promoted the development of NFT.
Thank you to the team, which ordinary people have simple access to the complex blockchain products and use. For this activity of the website, the team very much. I also hope to see that zkswap can be more and more successful and lead the industry after this.
my wallet address:0xf67d9f0F1D9248c48D441A27eaaCD20dba2fE37e

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I find the ZKSwap V3 testnet platform user-friendly. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to explore it. Swapping is easy and the interface was fast and smooth. NFT minting was a great experience…never thought it would be that easy. I would really want to explore more with regards to minting NFT projects.
The explorer feature is top notch while there are other useful features in the More Tab. The tutorial in there came in handy.
I am pretty sure that there is still more than meets the eye here and I would continue exploring this exchanger. Looking forward to its main net launch.

Address: 0x58ed3a55297d92A5EA2976Bb22C84C750748f9b5