#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap V3 Testnet ZKSWAP my first experience

I want to give my feedback to ZKSwap app, first, I should say that I’m beginner and my “cryptostory” is not so long, as I want it to be, but worker as quality assurance engineer I could give some objective rate.
ZKSwap is a really brand-new exchange protocol based on ZKRoll-up technology. Nowadays, there are many exchanges app, but ZKSwap is really differ from them.
First of all, usability of interface: from connection of wallet to minting NFT-all of this “simple and complex operations” become easy and understandable. A lot of hints pleased me and make an interface more pleasant.
Second, I want to note that functionality is incredible. In one page you could make a deposition, withdrawing, sending, swapping and mint your own ntf. I’m realy made it first time, and it was very easy.
Third, I 'm find out that there is one interesting thing: transaction settings .There you find slippage tolerance and fee tokens (eth, usdt, zks), so you could easily change token to pay fees. I must say that fees is not huge.
Fourth, the transactions speed is very fast: i loved it. I was pleased that the transaction history is on the same page, you don’t need to search them.
But i should say about some UI issues, that i was faced with.
Yes, there are some hints and notifications, but they are so unremarkable and hard to read.
Sometimes Metamask wallet not automatically opens when it needed and that’s why it slows down some transaction.
On “Mint NFT” page I want advice you to set a limit on fields there user could fill the information: NFT Title ,Creator name and etc. This could help you to avoid some UI bugs in the future. But there are trifles, and your app will be better and stronger. Finally, I was very pleased to become a part of testing environment. App is very user-friendly,thank you for it. I want to wish you big plans become true next year. And Happy New Year!

my wallet : 0x51c6F4098148d755Dfa857dA37b39AD6032D7464
my twitter: @gizdin
my telegr: @Reginagiza