#V3 testnet #feedback Experience using ZKSwap V3

Disclaimer: I am very sorry if the text contains errors, I am not an English-speaking person!

Today I tested ZKSwap V3.

I liked the pleasant interface and minimalistic design of the exchange. Everything is intuitive, even if you are a complete beginner.


L2 exchange.

I would like to immediately see the commission when swapping, so as not to double-check the transaction several times. I liked the swaps here more than at similar sites.

Mint NFT.
Considering that I’m new to this business, everything went easily, because the platform is simple and adaptive.
But still there was a problem with Mint NFT. An error appeared, I had to overload the page and reconnect the Metamask wallet. It turned out to make Mint NFT only from the third time. It would be nice if a description appeared when an error occurred, because I still did not understand what the essence of the problem was. The mint NFT needs to be modified a little, you have to do a lot of actions to check whether the NFT actually appeared. Also, when viewing other NFTs, the “My Profile” and “Transactions” buttons do not always work, only the “Sell NFT” button works, which also forces you to do a lot of actions. It would also be nice to be able to sort by NFT factors defined, such as price.
The purchase of NFT is instant, and this is another plus.

Pool L2.
No complaints, except for a not very pleasant commission.

General experience.
It was nice to spend time testing this site. In general, there are no complaints, except for minor problems, which, I am sure, will be solved by the ZKSwap team.

Thank you for a wonderful experience!