#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap NFT and Swap (from a newb)


Being new to all this it took me some time to figured out how to deposit test token. Once that was done I tried to buy an nft. I taught the transaction went through but I never received it. However I then tried to mint one for fun. It told me I add insufficient found in my account. I think i would be nice to see how much I’m missing from that pop up message. I tried to withdraw some of the test token but I never received them or it took more then 40 mins. Seems like i had to reconnect my wallet many time as well not sure if that some security reason.

L2 wallet interface is easy to understand and also had no issue.

L2 trade swap is also clean and I did not had any issues with it. was able to trade some ZKS to LINK

I was able to add money to the liquidity pool with absolutely no problem.

After clicking on User page in the NFT section for some reason sometime i was not able to access My profile section or the transactions section.

I had no issue selling NFT it was really simple. I would be nice to be able to follow some artist or to save some kind of lists of nft you like.

I think it would be nice to be able to sort NFT by different categories prices etc… Also maybe some way to know the actual $$ values in us dollars.

I hope this can help someone. I will be looking forward in the future for this project, I wish you all great success and good luck with the rest . It my first time giving feed back to a project. Anyway if i ever get some airdrop ZKS thank you in advance.

Wallet :slight_smile:

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