A Newcomer's #V3 Testnet #Feedback

Hello ZKSwap team!
This was my first use of a blockchain testnet and I am new to crypto in general, so I would like to provide my feedback from the perspective of a relatively ignorant user.

Deposit to L2 was easy and fast.
L2 Pool - Adding liquidity worked well
L2 Swap - Able to type a value in “From” to auto-generate “To” amount, but not able to type a value in “To” to generate “From” amount. Would like to be able to do this:

NFT - This section looks very barebones and I imagine there is a lot in the works, so I will keep my suggestions brief:

  • Minting NFT title character limit of 20 is too small in my opinion. Maybe 30-35.
  • Buy only, no auction system?
  • Filtering system - price, views, favorites, qualities, tags (ex. music, art, animation)
  • Selecting my NFT from my profile (opening the token) does not have a button anywhere to Sell. Should be accessible from this page as well as “Sell NFT”
  • “Sell NFT” should be “My NFTs”. Just because you hold them doesn’t necessarily mean you want to sell them!
  • NFTs appear to auto-create as 1/1. Would like to create 1/X
  • Profile page has “Collect” and “Create”, I believe this should be “Collected” and “Created”

Thank you for continuing to work on a gas-less solution to onboard the world to blockchain technology.
Address: 0x91E5d7F787272cbD36b69C695de0F211Bf3fBa8C