#V3 Testnet Feedback# Loved the experience


I’m new to L2 solutions. I tried ZKSwap V3 on the testnet and was really impressed. Basically you deposit your ETH and tokens in the Layer 2 and once deposited, you make almost instant transaction by signing in your metamask wallet. I was impressed by how fast those transactions went through and I appreciated that I can choose the currency I want to use to pay my fees.

I made a few swaps and it was instant. Perfect. I tried the L2 pool and appreciated the fact that I could see how much the transaction fee is, what currency I want to use and the disclaimer remembering to verify if fees were acceptables when adding liquidity.

Minting the NFT was also fast and I can’t wait to see how low the fees will really be when deployed on mainnet. It’s nice to be able to create your user profile with customization with a banner and logo similar to twitter. Being able to create your own NFTs and selling them on the platform makes for a nice marketplace.

All in all, a great experience. Deposit, swaps, adding liquidity, removing liquidity, creating your user account, minting NFTs, buying and selling NFTs and withdrawing back to L1. I tried everything and it works flawlessly. I will highly recommend the use of ZKSwap.

As far as suggestions go, I’d like you to change the color of the user interface. I prefer the way it already is on V2. It’s the only thing I didn’t like. The rest of the interface is great. It is easy to use, clear and efficient. With the technical aspect being so great, everything works as expected and makes for a great user experience.

With how crazy expensive the fees have become on Ethereum, I can’t wait to use V3 on mainnet. It’ll be a great solution.


L2 Wallet: 0xf49C764dE0F0E2d1cF41c9dCa1Af54e37B43DBB6