#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap, the future of crypto?

ZKSwap testnet feedback.

I had an amazing time trying out the new ZKSwap v3 testnet. This is how crypto should be, fast and cheap, but remaining the same level of security. Transactions took seconds and cost cents. I started off by adding funds to the L2 wallet.

From here I got to the L2 swap, this was the first mind-blowing experience. I was able to perform superfast swaps between assets, almost like the trade was done even before pressing the button. I swapped between different pairs like ETH, USDT, and ZKS (ZKSwap token). Some pinpoints from the swapping, after performing the swap the “Swap has been submitted.“ window will only go away if you press “x”, it should be possible to close the window by just pressing the mouse outside of the window. Also, there should be a small pop-up with “transaction completed” to confirm it, instead of having to go in the transactions history and then to the ZKSwap explorer or the L2 wallet tab to confirm that the swap was successful. But that’s some easy fixes and the rest of the swapping is amazing. I also provided liquidity to the DEX, the fees were around 8$ which is not high compared to ETH, but this could be lower, maybe it’s a bug as they have a text understating that the fees could be high, anyways I would gladly pay 8$ to add liquidity, that’s nothing.

Moving over to the NFT section, I’m again amazed. Here you have two options, NFT mall, and Mint. The NFT mall is simple and beautiful, I bought an NFT and the transaction was as amazing and fast as the swapping, with great fees as well. The great thing about the NFT mall is that you can buy with different cryptos depending on the seller. Lastly, I tried to mint my own NFT, first I made a user and unlocked the wallet for L2. These are two simple steps to do before one can mint their own NFTs. I have a great experience minting the NFT, putting in the file, text, title. One little detail that I really liked was the check button that the NFT you are minting is not copied from someone else and that the NFT can be removed if it’s found out that you in fact have copied the NFT from someone else. Here Opensea has something to learn.

They also have mysterious mining sections that are not yet available. Looking forward to seeing what this is.

To sum it up, this is going to revolutionize Defi and crypto in general. Great smart contracts and tech are on top of the most used L1. Look out for this one!

L2 Wallet address: 0xa48388b4599774ed08c26d437b3d0256d2d30ae8

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