#V3 TESTNET #FEEDBACK Trade NFT Flawlessly

This project really great, thanks for letting me in.
This is my first time to use testnet features and i don’t get to much problems.

It’s really nice we can mint our NFT so easily. I’m enjoying a lot.
You can mint with just 1 sec and it’s done Flawlessly.
I already make a couple NFT and when i try to sell it, just need a little times. Really nice. I think this is the new future of NFT trading.

When i try to buy a NFT it’s just a sec to get NFT that i wanted.
But i think is good to add name of nft to search instead NFT ID.

And what i think the most valuable of ZKSwap V3 is profile features.
It’s like a new social media. You can see other profile and see what they have. I think if we can interact with each other’s it’s will be great.
As we can chatting with the others, we can also bargaining.
Makes ZKSwap perfect Dex, NFT market and new place to hangout.

The downside is sometimes i can connect my wallet and i need to refresh the page a couple times, but i think is just a normal because it’s testnet.
And the most trouble for me is ETH network :sweat_smile:. I think add or use Matic polygon will attract more user’s to dive in to ZKSwap. For person like me that’s not a whale :whale: network fee is to high and i can’t afford that much. But it’s just my opinion.

And for the conclusion, ZKSwap is nice place to trade NFT, easy way to mint your own NFT and sell it. L2 wallet is lightning fast, you can swap and add liquidity just in a sec. You cand send crypto to the others with almost zero fee on L2 wallet.

And that’s it what i thought about using ZKSwap testnet V3, I’m just a newbie in this crypto world but I’m sure crypto currency is the future.

Thanks very much ZKSwap for your great work.

My twitter : https://twitter.com/Suwajal/status/1468774752533696512?t=7zwUDBfxIBrz6aaRFuikOA&s=19

My wallet : 0x3391D8c5F92d6020eC8d8E13E10A69391085F4B0