#V3 Testnet #Feedback My Testnet Feedback

First and foremost I must say a big congratulations to the team for putting this V3 ZKSwap together. The interface is super user friendly and very easy to use and simplicity is what the majority of us regular Joe’s need. The swapping of token is completed within seconds for a very little fee, which is ultimately going to enable for the small buyers to start using ETH again. I really like the feature of creating your own NFT’s, and minting them to your wallet, and after you can put it on for sale on the marketplace. I love NFT’s and I think they are going to become really huge. Adding to the liquidity pool seemed to have been pretty easy as well. However I have a couple things I am not that keen on with this testnet that have to do with the NFT section. As much as it is nice to be able to mint your own NFT and put it on the marketplace I think allowing that without some restrictions/rules could oversaturate the market and then not be any value or any volume on the NFT marketplace. Allowing people to perhaps only put on one NFT per week or something along those lines could help this. The second thing is navigating and scrolling through, searching for NFT’s to buy. I think it could be a bit more user friendly in the sense that a better interface, or a tool too navigate the NFT search would be very helpful. What I have in mind is like a categorization option, so that people could just put in the type of the NFT they want to purchase and it would show them all available. Apart from that I am looking forward to seeing all the improvements the team is going to make and how this project will continue to become better and better. Love!!