#V3 testnet #feedback very nice testnet v3

Hello everyone, first of all thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to let me test your V3 testnet, I love the idea when there is an incentivized testnet that attracts people and is also very honest here. I have been using zkswap v3 testnet for 2 days now, very smooth and perfect in terms of easy and fast transaction confirmation. The function keys are quite visible, and it is easy to find what we are looking for. The transaction process is quite convenient, and smooth, it only takes one click to complete, it can already be successful. The layout of the NFT is quite clear, and interesting and the explanation is extensive, very efficient which makes me, and probably everyone feel very comfortable. NFT purchases are also done in one click, with very low costs and fast, although sometimes there are those who sell them at high prices, but the transactions are good and fast. but there are a few things i would like to add when printing nfts,in this zkswap V3, Even if i have printed one, it allows me to be able to print again a different nft which i already have,very good v3, so this is something interesting for me ,main I will say, I hope the team will try print their own NFT for Zkswap for sale in zkswap V3, so that more zkswap enthusiasts want to know more about zks coins and their V3 swaps. as soon as possible Also if you can add to nfts the search with the attributes would be very helpful. At NFT Mall, I can provide the following feedback - I noticed that: The preview is too big for me, and I prefer to see more at once. You can’t search by name, title or description because I missed the category. The purchase procedure is very simple, and smooth. Furthermore, the SWAP functionality has an interesting feature that I can do, by exchanging any coins on zkswap very smoothly, maybe that’s all I can say about the V3 I did. thank you for zkswap, good luck always, my hope and all of us in the future zkswap will be even better. good luck always for zkswap V3. my L2wallet; 0xC500218876c01118d8fFd607658D7a7DE4b8814B

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