#V3 testnet #feedback so perfect and amazing for v3

thank you to zkswap for giving us the opportunity, for all of us to provide feedback about the testnet V3. During the testnet test this time, I am very proud because finally Zkswap has successfully launched V3, there are many things that I found in this V3 testnet.

(1). From the first time I started the testnet, DEPOSIT => there were no doubting words for me for the deposit feature besides being good, cool, easy and fast, it was amazing, WITHDRAWAL => The system is the same as deposit transactions from withdrawals are also very good and also fast, really cool and as I expected.

(2).SWAP=>From all swap transactions I have done a testnet, the results are also good and smooth from all the swaps available in ZKSwap V3, the transaction is also easy and fast, so I can exchange any coins we want in V3 testnet , is perfect in my opinion.

(3).NFT TRANSACTION=>All I have to do is do NFT transactions. Make and sell NFT=>>The transaction was initially difficult because we had to make Mint NFT,

but after that everything went smoothly, in terms of printing and the sales process was also very fast, although sometimes it takes time to sell, I understand because every sale and purchase it definitely took time, and finally my NFT was sold, with a very fast and smooth transaction. *BUY NFT=>>Let’s the same as selling, buying it takes time because I was waiting for someone to sell the NFT price at a price I could afford, and after a while I was finally able to buy NFT at a price that was affordable by the balance in my L2 wallet, with very fast and easy transaction too. So my feedback about V3 on this testnet, I think it’s good and can be launched, maybe it’s just an improvement for things that are lacking in this V3… I think everything is good, from the interesting features, in V3 I’m sure zkswap V3 will rival swap applications in crypto today. good luck for V3 and be the best, we all hope so. that’s my feedback about the V3 testnet that I did, in my opinion there are no flaws, it’s all good. thank you all… .! my L2 wallet : 0x76197265B9F1CA3F572cB151AC50a0A3f807A058

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