#v3 testnet #feedback success testnet v3

starting from the beginning I tried this v3 testnet, from the beginning, I have tested it on testnet V3, there are transactions that I have not completed, namely NFT transactions, products and websites for a while have not worked perfectly, but there has never been a smooth test procedure for me, from NFT terms it is difficult for me, because I still haven’t succeeded in carrying out the transaction, whether selling or buying, every transaction and buying NFT always fails and fails, but after that I went through I kept trying and trying and finally I was able to handle all of that, the sale and

purchase transaction. There are always bugs, network connection issues, user overloads or other annoying issues that make you want to quit halfway through. Until I try zkswap, pretty good for me The process was smooth from start to finish. No bugs, or hiccups. I could have a problem with my deposit…because it took a few minutes to show up but the team had made that clear beforehand. That I wish the best for zkswap v3. The creation process is really cool and the fact that I have to choose the token I want to generate is amazing. Not to mention how smooth the process is and the fact that I can label my nft with multiple properties making it easier to randomize and manage in my portfolio. minimal gas costs. The addition of liquidity was also smooth and I did it last due to my possible deposit delays. It just means the testnet is so stress free that I get the task done with ease. I have to admit, nft and swap trading is the most beautiful part. I had issues with other sites due to delays but zkswap took the standard a mile higher and I was amazed. Conclusively, this is more beautiful and a compliment than any feedback to this wonderful team for creating zkswap a better solution. One thing I can’t wait for is mainnet and its launch later. Hope everything goes smoothly as it is now. Thank you all friends, hopefully later in Mainet it will be even smoother, smoother than when I did the testnet this time…and the NFT problem might also be smoother for us to be able to complete transactions easily later, success always for zkswap v3 hopefully will be even better… my wallet; 0xff5cd94625f56Ec6D7d0Cc85bCb17dA51E512dC5