#v3 testnet #feedback this V3 project is very good

I’ve been trying this v3 for a few days. Basically, for my experience using the zks v3 testnet application is very positive and I am very optimistic about the future of the project in the perfect v3, I really like new things, like this zks v3. The list is unlimited and interesting features as well as this V3 ,zkswap V3 is something I’ve been wanting from a project for a long time in the crypto world, now ZKswap V3 can definitely get past Uniswap which has already launched, I’m sure. there is a little feedback Even though the website is good in this V3 it looks perfect in my opinion, but there are some problems in this testnet v3 website, which I encountered here, namely When I try to swap, it shows an error that I don’t know why it can fail, is it signal or indeed replication interference, but after I tried many times and it completes the exchange I want, maybe it’s my signal that is not good, and in my opinion this V3 is good and close to perfect, And also but it doesn’t matter to me though the calculation of the number of swaps is a bit slow, the most important thing is that I can handle it and but even so this website is really very good and very enjoyable for users like me. And I can’t wait for its launch later, and will be even more perfect from the existing shortcomings , the NFT project has also been good, in terms of sales and purchases I did very well smooth and no problems, for the time being, the Deposit process, I tried to deposit in V3 to try to run it smoothly, it turned out that the deposit was very smooth, just waiting for less than 10 minutes it has entered my L2 address at (V3) testnet, meanwhile I also trying to withdraw the deposit that I made in v3, just like a deposit, withdrawal also takes less than 10 minutes, very good in my opinion, my advice is that the deposit and withdrawal process can be accelerated so that we can make the transactions we want immediately, hopefully later zkswap V3 will continue to be the best. I’m very excited, running testnet in this V3, thanks to the Zkswap V3 team for letting us all try all the testnet features in this V3. congratulations zks and the team, who have struggled to create extraordinary works (v3) which are very good and perfect in my opinion, making it easier for all of us to make transactions in the crypto world. Good luck to all the zkswap Team, hopefully later this work will be the best, I and all of us hope so. Good luck with zkswap(V3), keep working and strive for the success of zkswap to be even better, and even more perfect. all my experience using this testnet V3.

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