The one and only #V3 Testnet #Feedback

I read some other reviews, and saw all the problems they occured. In my case almost everything worked perfectly, exept the testnet faucet didnt work but i found another one. So the despositing of funds went through and 5min later i, had my funds deposited.
I requested an NFT. Its super easy, upload the picture, add your website and/or details of the NFT. The UI really looks clean. Then i just pressed mint NFT, super easy super fast mint.

The ZKS team should add a filter to the NFT menu to make it easier for users to find the NFT they want.
In the mining menu there is no display when I open it, this must be fixed immediately because it is more relevant
On the language menu there is only English, there must be another language that must be added
The list of tokens on the swap menu is incomplete and still small, the ZKS Team must also improve it to increase the list of existing tokens

I know ZKSwap since the first version and I am happy to see how the project evolves over time, there are new trends of DEFI, NFT and many other things. My personal evaluation of the current version is 5/5, great job done. However, you can never stop there, and I know the ZKSwap team can do even better. All that’s left to do is change a few small things and get out of there. Thank you for your attention.

he swap transactions are good and easy, the problem is only the speed in NFT transactions, when we sell it takes a long time to sell it but when we buy sometimes it’s fast but sometimes it fails to bought, so I hope that in this V3 testnet trial it will be fixed starting from a slow application, is it slow because of many users or maybe my signal is not good…responding to what I complained about in V3, because I really hope in V3 it will be more perfect than the already good V2, and I hope this V3 will be the best zkswap application, perfection, convenience, speed will make zkswap the best choice for all of us…we support zkswap to continue to be the best, good luck always