#v3 testnet #feedback My testnet in V3,very nice

below is my testnet,and Here is some feedback from my review of yest net V3 application : I will start with NFF==>> NFT Minting: I can print a new NFT quite easily,simple and fast, even though the interface users can make some improvements to make the process more intuitive, and effective, but it’s good enough in my opinion, very satisfying, although sometimes it takes a while to sell and buy, but I understand, because there is no buying and selling process that can be successful immediately, need to bargain, just like sales in any market need to bargain and it takes time, likewise transactions on testnet V3 take time to transact. Tip: There is no way to sort and filter NFTs by price or other criteria. That would be great to have. The search function should also allow people to search by name which is very interesting in my opinion. This will be useful when there are other popular collections that we want to have. It would be nice to have a switch to toggle between viewing Collections or viewing the general market. I bought NFT from the Mall but it doesn’t appear in the “Collected” section of my profile, or anywhere else. Transactions also don’t show up in explorer. Exchange Wallet: I can exchange multiple times between tokens without any problem very easy and smooth. The wallet UI is also nice and simple which is pretty cool. Suggestion: One fix I would suggest is to change the caption of the small value checkbox from “Hidden Small” to “Hide Small Value”. Sending Tokens: I can send tokens to other wallets without difficulty, very good and easy… the process also doesn’t take long, only waiting for about 10 minutes, my transaction has been entered into my wallet, the deposit process is the same as that, very easy and takes time which is quite fast … for my advice later on, when the mainet zkswap will be better, deposit and withdrawal transactions can be accelerated even more, so that users can be more comfortable in using zks v3, thank you …! hopefully zkswap will become one of the best as we all hope…good luck and success for zkswap v3…that’s my experience after using zkswap v3 I did testnet. v3 is the best for me, success always for v3… my wallet, 0xd6e887b1cbbf8B438aE54E19658DD7b67a04871F