#V3 Testnet Feedback# My review

ZKSwap team released Version 3 Testnet upgrade with improvements and extra features, including the big one of NFT support! Yeahhh!

V3 Testnet can be found here https://v3.zks.app/. Straight away the interface looks very fresh and you can see all the options you need to navigate between Wallet Transactions, Trading, NFT (the new section!), the ZKSwap Explorer (redesigned look with more filters such us tokens and NTF. of course), Mining and more.

V3 seems really easy to use despite having more options like the NFT. For example, in the wallet page, previously you had only ERC20 tokens but now you can see an additional option, NFT Wallet. Very handy, you can see your created NFTs and all transaction history, such us NFT minting. You may also deposit, withdraw and send NFTs to an address.

My experience with NFT section is really good, it was very enjoyable and easy to follow. I have created two NFT images so far and I have to say the process was very simple, with the click of a few buttons, you are done within a few minutes. First time you want to create an NFT you have to complete your profile, with basic information like user name, webpage etc. Then you go ahead with the uploading of your artwork and optionally write some description and properties. For my first NFT this went smoothly and minting my artwork was done within 1 minute. For my second NFT, for some unknown reason, I had too upload my artwork 3,4 times as it was not uploading and appearing at the end of the process. But I’ve managed to do it somehow. I don’t forget this is still work in progress so I’m sure it will be polished out when it is time to move to mainnet. After minting my two NFTs, you can choose ‘Sell NFT’, in the dropdown menu of User Page. I have to say this option is well hidden there, ‘Sell NFT’ could be in a more prominent place, or even multiple places. It took me 2,3 minutes to find it.

In general V3 brings a lot of improvements. Visually is getting better and better, although I’d like to see a dark theme option too. In terms of features, wow! ZKSwap team is really working hard to bring a complete package for trading, swapping, NFTing, mining and more. All these features combined with the low cost fees or even zero plus the speed which is phenomenon, make this project really interesting. The progress the dev team does, is very noticeable and I’m sure the future is bright for both the team and the supporters. Well done guys.

Feel free to view and purchase my NFTs

Account 0x8D369B83A974B5Dc595eB29bEB63C5b285109312

V3 Testnet Feedback

I’ve tested https://v3.zks.app/en/wallet/erc20.
Very convenient panel, fast payments. You can immediately see your NTFs.

I would like to be able to exchange tokens inside the wallet.