#V3 Testnet Feedback# Very good start guys :)

I have been trying this interface and I have to admit that it is really friendly user and easy to use.
Even as a beginner I did not have a trouble to make it work.
This project looks really good after some investigation on my side. It is really fast and allow layer 2 connexion.
You can also mint NFT which has never been so easy and quick. Yoou just need to upload your picture of gif and within 3 clic it is minted.
Increadible job from the team and dev.
I wish we had such a tool on all the blockchain to make our life easier :slight_smile:

The V3 testnet project that I have done, I am very happy because zkswap finally launched V3 even though it is only a testnet, but it is very good and easy…starting with swap coins which are very easy to connect to all eth networks…such as usdt, Shiba inu, and especially zks…very good,and easy…just like swap in any application,but swap in zkswap is easier and faster… Weaknesses in nft, there are still many who are confused about nft, I was also confused at first, how to sell the nft, if you buy it, many people will know, but selling it is a bit difficult… is it possible that users are confused about how to sell it… for those who are confused like me, try asking the admin zks…that’s the problem…like this, still a bit confused…but after asking admin zkswap so you know…thanks admin zkswap…!

I would like to share my feedback with you.

I don’t have much experience with NFTs in general, but I can say that I find the design and layout very clear and user-friendly.

Features I was looking for but did not find are (regarding the MINT process):

  1. you can’t upload a picture via drag&drop, but only via the search.
  2. after uploading the picture, there was no functionality to delete it and upload another one.

I can give the following feedback on the NFT Mall - here I have noticed that:

  1. for me personally the previews are too big and I would rather see more at once.
  2. I missed a categorisation
  3. you can’t search by name / title or description.
  4. the buying process was very easy.

My address : 0x022540015b96D59D4877cDb0F9950DE2F2D83d28