#V3 testnet #feedback very cool V3

After a lot I did various tests on this V3 what I feel is,

very perfect (ZKSwap V3), for payment for the Dex testnet V3 feature…which I found very good and interesting, also the nft feature is very good and interesting…we know that ZKSwap is a very good project, so in this V3 testnet, I think it is very good to use in today’s increasingly competitive crypto world. its features are also attractive and efficient, faster and more environmentally friendly, and good. from swap feature to nft which is absolutely perfect, basically the best in my opinion. My hope is for ZKSwap V3 testnet to continue to be developed so that it becomes even better. For all of you who haven’t tried ZKSwap testnet V3, let’s try it like making DEX payment transactions, with NFT it’s very easy…good luck, my friend. …in this case I’m sure testnet V3 will be the best I pray for ZKSwap testnet V3 :pray: There are various interesting features, very cool testnet V3. the features are all good. Also the features in V3 are very good and support many features for all of us… 1. swap app which can directly connect to all eth network is very good, fast and easy. (amazing), and other coins available in this V3 2. we can do NFT transactions very easily, we can sell or buy available NFT, which we want. There are many more, very cool for testnet V3 … hopefully it continues to be even better, as we all hope with various interesting features here, 3. The deposit and withdrawal system is also quite fast, just waiting for 8 minutes, transactions can be successful easily, it’s really very good in this V3 testnet, better than the testnet I did in V2, Congratulations to zkswap, always successful. we all hope that zkswap is the best, hopefully it will be better later… good luck for those who haven’t tried it, make transactions according to what we want, success for zkswap V3 hopefully it will continue to run smoothly until the original launch…good good luck ZKSwap V3 welcome, we hope that zkswap will continue to prosper in the future, and be known throughout the world…

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