#V3 Testnet Feedback# My experience

Here is my review after testing out all the functionalities on the V3 testnet. The ZKSwap has done an amazing job by introducing a much cleaner interface and I think zk-rollups are going to be huge in the coming future. Low transaction fee and faster transactions is what everyone wants and the team delivers on that very well! P.S. also loving the clean block explorer design!

Some of my suggestions for improvement

  • It would be great if we had a dark mode since most of the DeFi apps support it and its easier on the eyes.

  • On the NFT page, it would be really helpful to filter out NFTs based on price, token, most viewed etc. (pretty much how Opensea does it)

  • The NFT mall page can have an infinite scroll, it’s a very jarring experience to click on the bottom pagination in order to view the next set of NFTs specially when I only want to browse through before making a decision of buying one.

  • One should also be able to search by NFT’s name rather ID because IDs are harder to get hold of as compared to names

  • Sometimes the wallet automatically disconnects while I’m performing an action and I have to reconnect again.

Once again, great job done by the team! Looking forward to the V3 mainnet launch.

L2 wallet address: 0x7D5b66850d1B38fa7cEec2eF46e715dbe01522B9