#V3 Testnet #Feedback more success in the future

Well after carefully following the instructions on the guide to using ZKSNFT and also exploring the layer 2 NFT features, every single task was completed with ease, right from claiming the test tokens to connecting my wallet and selecting the required networks. Although I had a bit of a tough time trying to navigate through the page to find the user page due to a little difference in the page from the instruction document, i just took a bit of time to go through the interface because of its user-friendliness, later found the user profile page and quickly setup my profile.
Everything else went pretty smooth as no problems were encountered. The transactions were pretty fast and smooth, only requiring me to sign the transactions on my wallet.
Later, I decided to explore the rest of the interface, swapping my ZKS for ETH, minting NFT’s, buying NFT’s and a whole lot more.In short everything was quite perfect. Kudos to the ZKSwap Team !, The simplicity of v3 is awesome and fantastic!
Unarguably, the team has done so much to ease users of high gas fee burdens and also to make Ethereum usage as smooth as ever.
The liquidity pool was really a great idea, hopefully the team should integrate liquidity farming/mining and single staking for major token in their next upgrade or even by mainnet. This would allow users to maximally utilize their tokens and liquidity pools. Also i want to suggest the team develop a method for ETH users to easily interact with L2 directly without having to go through the traditional migration from L1 to L2.
Personally the highlights of the ZKSwap v3 testnet is the transaction speeds as well as the very cozy user-friendly interface. Anyone could just easily browse through it the whole day without getting bored. I also love the way the NFT mall is well-organized with each NFT’s price and description boldly displayed. It would also be explicit if rarity tools for NFT on the L2 are made available just to make ZK L2 features unique.
Hopefully we’d see a whole lot better by mainnet.