#V3 Testnet Feedback# - Nice Job

I had a positive experience that made me look forward to more transactions on L2 with ZKSwap. First, the Complete Guide to ZKNFT - a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the Layer2 NFT feature was very well written and clear even to a noob.
I used the faucets to get the test tokens. I had a bit of trouble getting the tokens to load, but I’m fairly sure that was user error (connecting to the wrong network). Once I got past that, I used the various features of the testnet, and I was impressed. I deposited my tokens and then swapped and provided liquidity. There were many different pairs including stables, so options were everything from conservative to eye-watering APR.
Overall, I was quite impressed. Transactions were lightning fast. Second, the fees were quite small. Third, everything was quite easy to use. The interface was clean and intuitive. For example, there is ERC20 wallet as well as a separate NFT wallet.
I especially enjoyed the NFT Mall. It was cool to see what people submitted – everything from beautiful art to memes to pictures of their desks. I spent more time than I planned to just looking at the pictures from around the world. There are some really talented artists in the community. I wound up buying some Russian art just because I liked it. I’m not creative and I’ve never minted an NFT before, but in the NFT Mall it was seamless and simple. It was awesome to turn a picture I like into an NFT. I do suggest more options for sorting. Since I had 2 test token eth to work with, I was looking to buy an NFT that was in my price range and it was not possible to sort based on price or any other categories.
Thanks for letting me participate!