#V3 Testnet #Feedback By Branzy

ZKswap Testnet just fine without any fatal bugs that i experienced .
it just take less fee and didnt take more time for processing the transaction but it little long time to appear in my metamask, when i executed it ,Layer2 solution simply make it great.

Create function good without bugs,but its consume little more time, user interface looks fine .but ,i recommend to little modify the NFT interface and make it little smoother . including the nft mall section. plus add night mode for a night people that working on the site . Buy And Sell function works great too but sometimes the nft that i created dissapeared or just my worst network .

The swap features , i see less transaction fee here and i hope it can be a realization when rebranding comes up and more tokens pair in near future. its not important but zks testnet rate likely expensive hope it can be true when next rebranding comes up though :stuck_out_tongue:
and i wonder what the next great features will be added with the mainnet swap launch.
and it will be great if zkswap has a governance fundamentally .

L2 WALLET INTERFACE looks beautiful UI and the flexibility UX , i like it .
explorer menu just did greatly but its consume little more time to take the liquidity and volume data .

About Pool Section it works good . and hope we had more pools pair and farming goes live and got a partnership with other great defi project.

The Whole Function Works Fine just like the mining section arent activated yet .
the average test i didnt find any fatal bugs but just an ordinary problem . Hope this feedback can make zkswap getting huge in near future and make us sit in big cap coin and so .

EASY TO USE , Beatiful interface , Great multifunctioned project sure we can be a most valuable Project near soon.

IM glad to joining ZKswap testnet hope we can go to moon Together.


My Testing address : 0x85B0397E11a50673919c2fE04bAb65db4353A165