#V3 Testnet Feedback# So far it's good and some improvement

Happy to see that zkswap is now not only swap based project. This is now more than that. Now they will support both nft and payment. Hope to see more from the team with innovative ideas!!
Overall ZKSwap v2 is great, in terms of UI and UX it have the same look and feel as V1 with some improvement which is a good thing as user doesn’t need to re-learn on how to use the application.
The testnet features are really good but i think some thing still need to change. Just in truth the thing I trust that it can improve:
I am using the Brave browse, not sure whether it is the cause of these issue, just to revert what I have been observed in using the platform:

  1. I tried to mint an NFT, either in PNG or JPEC format, it shows an “unknown error” message that I cannot proceed. I think it maybe because I have done something wrong, but the system cannot revert to me the reason.
  2. Alternatively, I tried to purchased an NFT from NFT mall, the transaction has been done, but it showed an insufficient fund message. I checked that the transaction has been recorded, but the NFT showed in the wallet with around 5 mins of delay.
    Something good this that the overall transactions and user experience is good and easy to use. I can split up the network so that most of the computation runs in parallel. This allows network capacity to expand as the number of network nodes increases, freeing network capacity theory from constraints. And it’s a the next generation of scalable blockchain.
    I revert these as a truly intention for the good of ZKSwap. I hope it will be improved and hope all the best in this V3, and success for V3.


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