Feedback about testnet and suggesting #V3 Testnet feedback#

First i want to say thank you to zkswap to give us this great opportunity. This is really a great opportunity for all of us.

Again thank you for add the nft features on Zkswap. Definately This will be huge for all of us.

Got some test tokens and use trstnet. It was very smooth, cool, faster and mindblowing. I loved the features. To create my nft it takes only 10sec. Also to sell my nft it takes anothers 10 sec. That was really faster than i thought.

I also test the swap features it was mind blowing. Faster than v2. That was awesome. No need to pay fees still the swap are instant. Hope it will huge one day.

Still i face some problem on testnet it was incorrect value of my coin. There are a lot of bug. The value of coin was incorrect. Sometimes the wallet connect features not works for me. It stuck on connect features. Hope with update of mainnet the problem will solved.

I think if zkswap add filters option for nft marketplace it will be great. With filtering we will find our destination nft easily. There will be no time consume. This will also help big buyer to attract on marketplace who don’t have enough time to find their nft manually. Hope with mainnet the team will add this features.

Also if bid option available it will also be great. With bidding option seller will get highest price of their nft. As a creator i want to see this option on v3 mainnet. It will be huge for all creator. We want this features on mainnet. If it enable many creator will attract and top rated creator will use Zkswap as their first choice of nft marketplace.

Hope team will consider this and add some features on Mainnet updates. Thank you for giving us this awesome opportunity. Best of luck team.


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