V3 feedback best nft #V3 Testnet feedback#

Happy to see that zkswap is launching their own nft marketplace. This is really a cool thing to test. Some time ago I tested it. It was super cool, faster and Marvelous.

Here is my journey…

I First request some testnet faucet coin from rinkeby and then test it.

The swap features are super fast. It was faster than the previous version of zkswap. It takes no time to buy and sell token. And there is enough liquidity on testnet. Hope mainnet will remain the same as the testnet.

Nft marketplace was also good. It is easy to use. Anyone can create their nft via zkswap easily. The fees were zero. It just take 5 dollars for minting an nft. There are also options for profile sections so anyone can find their artist easily.

For creating nft you just need to connect your metamask wallet with zkswap then you can create nft. To create nft you need to first select a photo then put some information about nft and then click on mint nft option. After clicking you need to just confirm it in your wallet. That’s it.

For sell nft you just need to click the sell nft option then put an amount and then confirm it from the wallet all things is done. Your nft now should be on the nft marketplace. If anyone buys your nft you will get your money in layer2 wallet. Also after creating nft if you want to sell it on another platform that is also possible you just need to withdraw your nft from layer2 to layer1 then sell it whenever you want. You’re a free bird. But remember other platforms cost you a high gas fee. That’s it. Thank you for reading my post. Hope you guys enjoy it. Don’t forget to test it.
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