Review about testnet of zkswap #V3 Testnet feedback#

It is my pleasure to be part of this great project. I am really happy that the team gave us an opportunity to test the testnet as well as some reward for the tester.

Here are some things that I want to share with the community. This is my personal opinion.

The UI of V3 looks so amazing. This is really eye-catching and user friendly. Anyone can fall in love with it. I used swap and nft features that were so nice. Git some token from rinkeby faucet and use it for swap and minting nft. The faucet token deposit was instant so we might see the same thing when it launched mainnet. It was faster than the V2 version of zkswap. That is really cool. For swap i just used two times and got an instant result. The swap was instant. It takes no more extra time. There are no need to delay and stuck on transaction. The minting features are also so good. It is user friendly and easy to use for all. Any newbie can able to mint their nft without any hesitation. Buy features are also so good it takes only one click to buy nft on the marketplace so anyone can use it early without facing any problem. The nft marketplace is also good. You will see many quality nft and the features are so user friendly. There are no complex things out there. All things are so easy. That’s a good sign because everyone loves simple things. And the dev also focuses on that area. So I think everyone will love it. And tested it before the launch of v3. Hope we all see the success of this great layer2 nft marketplace and will go to the moon. Thank you all and the zkswap team members and devs.

Address : 0x0d9Ab164a0EE2F2231c1013a0B8c2C6644A5b7C7