#V3 Testnet Feedback# BY TOLEX081

ZKSwap V3 interface is an amazing interface, it has proved itself as a project that is here to become the future of ETH seamless trading. I must say Kudos to the ZKSwap team. This development is born out of unwavering dedication, coupled with sleepless night to ensure the community gets the best and nothing but that.
This is evidently seen in the subsequent release of V1, V2 and V3 interface of testnet. V3 testnet with the interface to mint, sell and purchase NFT is an amazing development which most project hasn’t been able to do just right. V3 possess a seamless and easy swapping, liquidity pool deposit and deposit from L1 to L2 which is amazing.
The V3 interface is very friendly and simple and easy to navigate. I was able to perform all task easily and fast. This is amazing. I was able to swap eth for ZKC and also usdt for Eth and ZKC smoothly. Aswell I deposited 3 eth from L1 to L2. Smoothly and was also able to provide liquidity and also mint an NFT which I listed for sell as well. All this I did easily within few minutes this is a prove and show that this project is ready to hit the world.
Here are some issues I would like the team check on before the launch of the mainnet.
Firstly the minting of NFT was one challenge I had when using the interface as I was unable to mint an NFT after unlocking my wallet and approving it in the account I couldn’t input the properties of the NFT. I hope this is rectified before the Launch.
Secondly I realized the value of eth is very different from the value on mainnet I also hope that gets rectified.

However there is always more to be done it can only get better from here. As it is popularly said Great things happens to those who doesn’t stop believing, trying, learning and being grateful. With consistent hardwork and dedication we will do the impossible. The community is with you we excel together.KUDOS to the team and Community. I say LONG LIVE ZkSwap.

my address: 0x57D1d4DC4e3F05f68ffe78D61193558e0EC71961

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Yeah, The NFT Minting and Selling process is not Intuitive and also has issues. But my test yesterday of the whole process Minting , Selling and Buying working without at glitches… The UX/UI needs to be sorted a bit though.

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