Feedback and suggestions #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Happy to see that zkswap is now not only swap based project. This is now more than that. Now they will support both nft and payment.
The testnet features are really good but i think some thing still need to change.
Why i told that?
There are various reason for this. I tested and found some bugs on v3.
1st bug is the value of assest is not correct. I saw the total value of eth and zks are both incorrect. I have 100zks but the value of zks showing 100$ but total value is 40$ something.
2nd problem is there are no option to filter the nft. It is not possible to filter the nft now. If it enable it will be great. Another’s problem is the minted nft always show last minted first. This is not too good. It should be popular nft on the top. People always love to buy popular nft and they don’t know what is best. So if it is enable it will be great.
Another one is there are not much coin on the swap. We know any dex should be unlimited coin feature and without this no swap are complete. Also liquidity is a major factor for this so it should be proper liquidity on the swap. If team provide liquidity on some popular erc20 based coin will be a great success for zkswap.