#V3 Testnet #Feedback good to know

hello team, yesterday I tested your ZKSwap v3 to provide feedback and issues.
First, my token was successfully registered with the usdt pair, but it took me about 15 minutes to confirm my listing.
Second, when I try to open the token list page in the metask app on the moblie phone, it just refuses and redirects me to my ZKSwap L1 wallet, this is a bug or error that only occurs on mobile and not on desktop. This is a major bug and should be fixed.
Lastly, if all these things were fixed it would be a very good DApp to exchange different tokens for zero fees on L1. Interference is good but during transaction I feel lag and error many times and transaction status shows confirmation when my swap is done. But I know you guys will fix it before the Mainnet. Overall very well designed web page. Good luck in the future and hopefully ZKSwap will be the best swap. Animations are awesome and I like your app features, I use all features like deposit, swap, list everything is fine.

The creation of NFT still has unknown errors. How I created it on the first day was an unknown error. The next day I went to create it and said that the gas was not enough. After I added enough gas, it was created successfully. I think this is a little bit small. It’s funny, why can’t you tell me the reason directly when the creation fails on the first day, and the reason does not appear until the next day. I suggest that the reason for the failure of creating the NFT is directly marked.
The tokens that can be replaced by L2 are a bit small, and I hope that some can be added to make it more convenient for users.
We are on the exchange page, when you click “Max”, the amount is different from the amount available in the l2 wallet. When you click the maximum again, you can trade again, I don’t know what this is for.
I hope this test collection has made ZKSwap even better


I had “unknown errors” till the day before , but today I tried all three processes Minting, Buy and Sell, it all went without a hitch. I am guess the Team is working hard at the fixes.