#V3 Testnet Feedback# Exciting stuff!

I think ZKSwap has great potential and I can’t wait to be able to use to use it for real. Swapping tokens was very easy and straight forward. At the moment the variety of options for swapping is limited but hopefully that will be expanded much more soon. I tested creating, minting and selling NFT’s. Again this was pretty straight forward but I think the NFT Mall would benefit by having a search and filter system to help find the type of NFT you want.

I experienced substantial delays from the faucet but I guess this is because so many people were trying to test your system at the same time.

Sometimes I had some problems connecting my Metamask wallet. In particular this was happening more often when trying to do the unlock wallet phase.

I am fairly new to crypto, however I understand that ZK has very good potential. I still struggle to get my head around L1 and L2 stuff so it would be really helpful to have a better explanation of this on your site. Maybe it would also be possible to see the wallet assets in L1 and L2 at the same time. It would give more comfort to know that assets have moved correctly. It might help to explain to more beginner users how and where their assets are going when you make the transfer. I kind of felt like I lost some tokens.

I had a few failed transactions when doing swaps. Not a big deal but maybe something to look at.

For some reason I could not get access to mining. Not sure if there is a bug or if it is just not available yet.

Generally, I think the UI is okay. I think some work here could make it look a lot better. The layout is pretty user friendly and simple to use.

Very excited to help and wish you all the best success for the future.

Address: 0x174d78F4dacDc286fb54c8EE3D2A388005AccFB5