#V3 Testnet Feedback report#

Hi, its great for me to test out the V3 ZKSwap features. The swapping went okay and very good and cheaper transaction fees too.
But adding liquidity was something else. Dont know if it was a bug or something, but it was very slow. I think improvements needs be done in that department.
By the way i got to know about this project through GITHUB. I believe in this project because i am a low transaction fees freak. :wink: It pains me to have to pay 40 Dollars just to get some tokens from a wallet to another. who wouldn’t be?
Any way, I want to encourage you to keep up the good work as you know that what you are doing is great.
About the NFT MINTING. I must say it was flawless and beautiful. I would have wanted to find out if my NFT will eventually be sold for real money or it is just for contributing to the development of the project. Not to forget the cost of minting too. Some other NFT minting sites charge a hand and a foot judt for minting. That is not all, one still need to pay much to withdraw the funds after selling the NFT.
Over-all, I will give the ZKSwap 8/10 for how good the exchange is.
I am hoping there would be more improvements when the mainnet is launched. Will appreciate if I am kept abreast of latest development as they unfold.
I have some questions to ask though. When will you roll out the major features of the exchange? Will there be an app for it? Is there any whitepaper?
I am not a developer, so I would not ask for any codes. I believe the devs know what they are doing.
All else is good. Good job guys



Hi thanks for your feedback.
As for your question, we have already launched our swap app zks.app. Also you can download our mobile app on zks.org.

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