#V3 Testnet Feedback# by Shesster

Things seem to be moving along well.
Transactions move quickly. Performed a deposit to L2 and started playing with NFTs. Will continue testing the swap and pool features.
I had spotty internet when testing so I couldn’t tell if the small delays I had were on my end or on the interface. I assume they are on my end but am happy to provide feedback on another test at another time. UPDATE: Retested and found that most of the connectivity issues and delays were on my end so this isn’t a thing for me anymore.
I was trying to mint an NFT but couldn’t seem to cover the gas. I am still waiting for confirmations on my deposits too - so that could be to blame. I think it would be helpful to show how much minting an NFT will cost somewhere in that area. Maybe in the error message even? I was able to mint an NFT after looking through some transactions of others and figuring out what I needed to do. I like to make things harder than they need to be - some UX developers love me lol - and I think I’m making this harder than it needs to be. But, food for thought on the UX.
After testing a few times now, many types of transactions, I really enjoy ZKSwap even more and can’t wait to use the product live on L2. I’ve burned more gas in L1 than I want to admit and am so grateful for this technology!
ZK rollups and swaps are the future of blockchain and ZKSwap is positioning itself very well. I really love this interaction with the community as the project is built. Two thumbs up!
It’s really nice to see the basic framework of many features already built out. I believe the team is doing a great job putting this together and letting users test to provide feedback.
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback to the team. I am extremely confident that great things are ahead!

My L2 ETH Address 0xDD046ca033C773850073c36CcE14D0acaB9842f7