#V3 Testnet Feedback# My first NFT

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

I really proud to be the one of testnet participants of the ZKSwap and try ZK Rollup technology that I actually found amazingly fast and efficient!
In addition to it, the little-to-no-gas-fees made Etherium gas fee be reduced that absolutely an valuable advantage for ZKSwap project.

However, as any feedback has, mine will include some little improvements and obstacles I have faced on the way of my tutorial passing.
The Paradigm faucet were out of ETH test tokens which made me swap them through the L2 Swap trading feature. So, the problem has been solved and might be this option could be described in the tutorial documentation as well.
Please note, there was just the third-party difficulty that has no direct connection with ZKSwap processes, but nice to have the workaround provided.
Other latent bugs turned out to be hardly-reproducible, but was connected to unclickable “User page” button and its sub-menu (only “Sell NFT” works), please check below screenshot.(MacOS Big Sur, 11.4).

By the way, the process of NFT creation as well as Swap transactions are done with such a great and native UI. Thank you, guys - @ZKSwap you have done really professional job in terms of UX and UI here. Smooth MetaMask wallet connection also contributed to nice experience with your platform, especially the surprisingly fast transactions made me feel like the future is here.

Most of all, the NFT minting is a quite pleasant part that reminded me to look for some beautiful pics. After going through nostalgic photos I came across to my cooking masterpieces - capcakes. Thank you for those emotions.

BTW, check my NFT may be a good purchase for those who is reading the post. Hurry up!

As you may guess, I found an idea on NFTs that could be a series of some dessert types.
I am looking forward to mainnet usge of ZKSwap NFT minting and buying on this marketplace. Hopefully, now I have skills on how to convert some digital to an NFT collectible.

L2 wallet address : 0x3567eaf81027abcd735274dd3e128fb30b77f433